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edg (China) Corporation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as edg), is a professional architectural decoration enterprise focusing on interior decoration, integrating design, construction, MEP, and mechanical and electrical equipment installation.

edg has filled its ranks with design and construction professionals from the China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and the mainland), United States, Europe to build a world-class team to provide professional service to its clients. edg's team has gone through the following stages of growth:

1994 - edg international was set up in Shanghai
1998 - edg international was set up in Beijing
2004 - edg Shenzhen office established
2006 - edg Guangzhou office established
2008 - edg Chengdu office established
2010 - edg Suzhou office established
2018 - edg Zhejiang office established
2019 - edg Tokyo office established

edg is currently a group specialized in the interior design and construction of corporate offices, commercial spaces, boutiques, financial facilities and medical facilities. edg has the capability of bringing the most suitable design and most current building methodologies and technologies to each project based on its rich experience in design and construction.
edg is devoted to enhancing the value between human and spatial environments and to be a first-class enterprise bringing new standards to the industry. Through superior design and construction quality services throughout the China Mainland, edg builds environmentally healthy, comfortable and over-fulfilling spaces for its clients.
Thanks to its diversity and international experience, edg is sensitive to the cultural differences of its clients, providing efficient and effective high quality solutions. edg employees believe in the philosophy of being “committed to the ongoing quest for excellence.”
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