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Video | edg2022 wonderful review

Standing at the starting point of 2023 Looking back on the past year 2022 is an extraordinary year This year Edg breaks through the difficulties and grows in the thorns Accepted severe market tests and challenges Shanghai was closed at the beginning of the year But edg's spirit of striving never stopped All the new edg people are going hand in hand Help the company overcome the difficulties of closing the city in March This year, edg went all out to innovate in pragmatism Reach deeper cooperation with Huawei, a strategic key customer This year, edg broke through the shackles and leaped across the field Deeply plough into the field of life science Continuous efforts to provide customers with high-quality services Thank every owner for their strong support and love Thank you to every new person who sticks to his post and works hard The cold winter is over, and the stars are always bright Everything goes well in the new year!

Thinking is the beginning of action, and action promotes the success of thinking | 2023 Spring Festival Training Camp

We can see the dawn, so we believe in the power of faith; Why do we move forward and find answers in our actions.

Stick to it and start again | Wonderful review of 2022

Standing at the starting point of 2023, look back on the past year. 2022 is an extraordinary year. At the beginning of 2023, edg people will move forward with firm steps and dreams.

[edg Rainbow series] Rainbow pay-off, do you still think it's boring?

The quality of pay-off plays an important role if the quality objectives of the project can be achieved. For the construction workers, pay-off shall be carried out until the end of the project.

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