“Be a striver who can be accountable, who can create values for the enterprise.”

On August 18th 2020, as scheduled, the 3rd edg Striver Conference was held smoothly. The conference focused on the comprehensive summary of projects accomplished earlier this year, honoured elite “edgers” from the projects, and these “edgers” shared their stories






• Speech from the Chairman


Mr. Jiawei Tang, chairman of the board, made a concise summary and introduced the theme of the conference—strivers who can be accountable and create values for the enterprise.

• Project sharing in the first half of 2020

Familiar projects, with unfamiliar stories. We saw the glory of the finished projects photos; we saw the satisfaction of the customers. However, the hardship of each projects can only be known by those who have experienced it personally. May be I’m get used to the sun at 5 am, may be I am used to the life in which days day and night upside down, may be I’m confronted with a series of setbacks.
Even though, the joy of seeing a project go from scratch, a design gets recognised, a letter of recommendation. The sense of joy and achievement is from the inside out with nothing can compare. Spare no pains, to get satisfaction from ourselves, from clients, and from edg.
That is the project spirit, that is what we are proud of.

•The project bonus awarding ceremony of first half of 2020

“Every effort deserves a repay and will be repaid.”

Award for Elite employees in the first half of 2020

Whether it a person outgoing, or a person introverted, every employee's efforts can be seen by the clients and the company.

Thank you every edger who stands by their values. 

Customer First, Create Value, Strive for Excellence, Share Both Responsibility &Credit.


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