Stick to it and start again | Wonderful review of 2022
Standing at the starting point of 2023, looking back on the past year, 2022 is an extraordinary year
This year, edg broke through the difficulties, grew up in the thorns, and accepted the severe market test and challenge
Shanghai was closed at the beginning of the year, but edg's spirit of striving never stopped
All the new employees of edg worked hand in hand to help the company through the difficulties of closing the city in March
This year, edg went all out to innovate in pragmatism and reached deeper cooperation with Huawei, a strategic customer
In this year, edg broke through the shackles and leaped across the field, deeply ploughed into the field of life science, and made continuous efforts to provide customers with high-quality services
Thank every owner for his strong support and love, and every new person who sticks to his post and works hard
The cold winter is over, and the stars are always bright
Everything goes well in the new year!

Some selected project cases

Project Name: Huawei Office

Area: 29,725m²

Type: Construction

Address: Nanjing、Shenzhen、Hangzhou

Project Name: CEIBS Fund Shanghai Center Phase II Project

Area: 7,500m²

Type: Design, Construction

Address: Unit 1003-1007 & 1601-1608, Shanghai Tower, No. 479 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


Project Name: bilibili Shangpuhui T3 Interior Decoration Project

Area: 10,265m²

Type: Construction

Location: 6-10F, Building 3, No. 578 Minfu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

Project Name: Suzhou Tengmai Pharmaceutical CRO Project Decoration Project   

Area: 9,000m²

Type: Construction

Location: Building #6, Phase II of Tianyun Plaza, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

Project Name: Turnkey Interior Decoration of Jienofei Industrial Plant           

Area: 7,500m²

Type: Design,Construction

Location: Intersection of Chengrui Street and Qiaoxin Road, Hangzhou

Project Name: Design of a new site on the 16th floor of TUV           

Area: 25,211m²

Type: Design

Location: No. 525, Yuewang Lingang South Road, Shaxi Town, Taicang City

Project Name: Shanghai Csemi L01-02 Plot Design Project             

Area: 17,000m²

Type: Design

Location: No. 2685, Canghai Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Project Name: Thermo Fisher Scientific ESR Factory Office Decoration Design           

Area: 4,000m²

Type: Design

Location: Building F, Baojinyan, No. 122, Yong'an Road, Huguan Town, Huqiu District, Suzhou

Project Name: Interior Design Project of Yiwu Headquarters of Card Game Animation           

Area: 4,880m²

Type: Design

Location: Choujiang Street, Yiwu City

Project Name: Merck Jinke Laboratory Expansion and Decoration Project           

Area: 2,091m²

Type: under construction

Project Name: Jingyun DK20190104 Plot R&D Center Decoration Project           

Area: 22,959m²

Type: Under construction

Location: West of Jinyan Road, North of Jiangyun Road, Suzhou Industrial Park


At the beginning of the 23rd year, move towards the new
edg people will go with firm steps and dreams
Embrace every opportunity and challenge
The long road is vast and mighty
Everything can be expected

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