Year after year, clouds and dusk, starting anew
As the the Year of the Loong approaches, review 2023
Busy after restarting
Seeking novelty in the face of changes
Having ordinary perseverance
More vigorous and vigorous in progress
The warmth and laughter of the past, tempering and sweat, courage and exploration, harvest and growth
Every moment, it becomes even more precious.


January - Spring Festival Training Camp

The competitiveness of enterprises ultimately lies in the competition of learning ability! On January 28th, edg held a five-day Kangxin College Spring Festival training camp at the Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool International Convention Center in Suzhou. Backbone elites from various departments take turns to participate in the battle, sharing, discussing, and practicing around the themes of "culture", "experience", and "skills". Assist the entire team in stimulating self-directed learning, absorbing professional knowledge, and gaining a deep understanding of corporate culture.

January - Relocation of Suzhou Branch

The new location of edg Suzhou Branch is located in Yiyang Value Communication Building in Suzhou Industrial Park, adjacent to the Biomedical Industry Park. Biopharmaceuticals is an emerging industry that the park has been persistently cultivating. Since its layout in 2006, it has focused on three key areas: new drug research and development, high-end medical devices, biotechnology, and new therapies. With the strategic layout of the park's key industries, edg Su Branch will further strengthen its deep cultivation and cooperation with customers in the sub field of biopharmaceuticals.

February - Xiaoxin IP goes online

edg IP - Xiaoxin, designed with spring wheat ears, is full of vitality, indicating that Kangxin will overcome all obstacles, move forward in the era, and become a great enterprise. At the same time, it also witnesses the development and growth of every edg (every wheat ear). Plant one grain of millet in spring and harvest ten thousand seeds in autumn. edg firmly believes that success requires perseverance, sowing the seeds of hope, walking with the times (four seasons), and paying attention to personal values while reaping rewards; And recruit talented individuals, hoping that more and more wheat ears of the same value can thrive and make the wheat fields full of vitality.


February - Huawei Refinement Framework Agreement Renewal


 June - Huawei Laboratory Framework Recruitment Agreement Signed

June - Received the 2022 Huawei Real Estate Engineering Gold Supplier Award


edg and Huawei have been working together for 14 years, consistently adhering to their positions and delivering projects throughout the country. In 2021, edg became Huawei's strategic framework partner for precision decoration. In June 2023, we successfully signed a laboratory strategic framework agreement and presented the annual gold medal supplier award, representing the high recognition of our customers. In October, Huawei's South China Operations Group was established, and in the future, edg will provide professional services in both precision decoration and electromechanical fields more deeply and closely.

August - Obtained the qualifications of "Innovative Small and Medium sized Enterprises" and "Specialized, Refined, Special, and New Small and Medium sized Enterprises"


edg Special Technology Research and Development Center and edg College are responsible for researching new production modes and advanced processes, committed to providing high-tech services to customers through technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation, and model innovation. edg submits 2-3 practical patents every year and applies these patents in engineering. Currently, there are a total of 45 invention utility model patents.

October - Establishment of Huawei South China Operations Team

2023 Selected Completion Case Display
Completed projects: China Europe Phase II, Jimu Galaxy, Merck, Tongchuang Future, Hangzhou Huawei Phase II, Grees, Lisheng Pharmaceutical, Thermo Fisher, and Yidao

China Europe Fund

Thermo Feibao for further research

Yidao Biology


Hangzhou Huawei

2023 Selected Under Construction Case Display
Under construction projects: Huawei Lanzhou, Huawei Qingpu, Huawei Xi'an, Shengmei, Jingyun, and Xinjiangwan City

Huawei Digital Energy Research Institute

Huawei Xi'an Tianyi International 6F Terminal Office

Huawei Gansu Representative Office

Lisheng Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant Podium and Electromechanical Project

Research and development building laboratory and office of Jingyun plot


ACM Semiconductor Equipment R&D and Manufacturing Center

At work, we work closely together and make progress together

In our work, we strive for excellence and constantly surpass ourselves

Being focused and serious is a characteristic of every new health worker

Persistence and hard work are the commonality of every new health worker



The journey is long, only through struggle

With a clear direction, don't be afraid of dangerous roads

2024 is coming soon

edg must never forget his original intention and forge ahead.

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