At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed. At the beginning of the new journey, the company hereby carries out the Spring Festival training camp with the theme of synchronization of organizational culture, skill improvement and practical training, so as to make the big ship edg more stable and far ahead in the future.


Day 1-2 culture synchronization
Taking the mission, vision and values as the starting point, Mr. Tang, the chairman of edg Company, profoundly expounded the corporate culture of edg, and pointed out the direction and sounded the horn for everyone's work in the new year.


|Customer first | value creation | pursuit of excellence | win-win|

Thoughts are converging and souls are colliding. The leaders of each center and department deeply excavate and refine the content from the little drops of their coexistence with edg, and introduce their own edg values to everyone. The atmosphere of the scene is high, the pen tip rustles on the paper, and the thoughts are endless in the mind.



Main venue in Suzhou|2023.01.28-2023.01.29

 "Adhering to the principle of" customer first "," three satisfaction "," value creation ", achieving" high frequency growth "," refusing procrastination "," small love is harmful to big love is heartless "... This sentence speaks to our ears and reverberates in our hearts. Values, as our standard of conduct for judging things, will guide us to work better.
In addition to input, there should also be output. Training is not just a one-way infusion of content. Everyone on the scene actively interacted and spoke enthusiastically.


Personal thinking is limited, and the strength of the team is unlimited. In this regard, President Tang prepared the following four questions for group discussion:
How long will it take?
What kind of person?
What behaviors are output?
Who is the witness?
Everyone stood on the stage to share their views and make solemn commitments.


Day 3-4 Skill improvement

Considering the characteristics of the main venue staff, the company also added technical empowerment brought by professionals when arranging the whole training plan.
From the technique of bid description and the process of bid clearance to the HVAC principle and clean room system, plus the sharing of the advantages and disadvantages of the project experience, you have given each other everything you can, without reservation, and the people on the site will record the contents on paper and solve the doubts on the site. There will be a teacher for the three people, and there will be no end to learning.



HVAC system - principle experiment


 Clean room system


Description of delivery standards for completion acceptance of housing construction project

The audience in the main venue is highly motivated, and the sharing in the sub-venues is also in full swing. Considering that some colleagues can't watch the live broadcast at the first time, we use various ways to record our training content, so that we can look back later, think from the perspective of others, and practice the "customer first" around us with practical actions.

Learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning is dangerous. In order to test your learning achievements and after-class action plans, this training camp has specially arranged the customs clearance examination for all staff and the completion of the after-class summary form.


Day 5 Practical Training

Learn theory, divide into groups, and do assessment. We are never alone in our work. We have teams, friends, and teachers. The practical operation of the "five-step pay-off method" is in full swing on each floor. Everyone cooperates with each other, and the scene is in full swing.

At the end of the day, the professional staff will assess and score, and summarize today's performance, reflecting the real results.



Suzhou Jingyun Project Site

The Spring Festival training camp has ended, but the impact of what we learned on us will continue for a long time.
Thinking is the beginning of action, and action promotes the completion of thinking.

Only with empowerment, goals and actions can there be achievements and future.
Looking back on the past, he never gave up under the difficulties of the epidemic;
Looking forward to the new journey, the dawn has already jumped on the horizon.
a new year
I wish the company a thriving performance
I wish you all full of honors and bonuses
Work together for a better tomorrow!

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