The 2023 Shanghai University Graduates Spring Job Fair was held on March 17th at Shanghai Second University of Technology. There are 60 participating universities and 1500 unit enterprises. Kangxin provided personalized employment guidance and services for graduates attending this conference.


The chilly spring and continuous rain cannot stop students' enthusiasm for job hunting. Long queues have already formed outside the venues. Dreams and miracles are born and bloom on this hot land.


The leaders of the Edg department and the HR department provide thoughtful one-on-one employment guidance for students, providing detailed introductions and answers on the development history, main business, recruitment positions, salary and benefits, and promotion space of edg. And some professional suggestions were given for the future development direction of new students entering the workplace.


The atmosphere on site was very lively, with the selection and training of "Tomorrow's Star" by edg and the growth system of "little teacher mentoring". edg's booth attracted the curiosity and stopping of young people.
The broad sea allows fish to leap, and the high sky allows birds to fly. Each of us will grow together with the company and embrace a better self.



Talent is the primary productive force. edg always attaches great importance to introducing excellent talents, providing young people with broad development space and a stage for experience, and giving potential young people the opportunity to stand out and grow rapidly. Injecting new forces into the high-quality development of the company.

Clouds rise, and thousands of miles can be expected.

Here, your dreams are never limited.


Recruitment positions

4 assistant designers and trainees:
1. Proficient in using commonly used software in the design department, such as PS AI CAD 3D SU OFFICE office software
2. Conduct on-site survey, measurement, and issue measurement room reports and drawings
3. Color flat production, simple PS graphics processing
4. According to the designer's requirements, complete the plan layout, briefing basic layout, material list (material board) production furniture list, organize and match the intention diagram, concept diagram, and design schedule of the design requirements
5. Under the guidance of the designer, coordinate various departments and processes to digest winning projects and after-sales maintenance projects (including handover of plans and renderings, production of PPT report plans, material lists, project disclosure, and on-site cooperation in the later stage)

4 Assistant Budget Cost Engineers:
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above in engineering, cost, and budget related majors
2. Careful and stable in handling tasks
3. Under the guidance of the budget officer, complete the engineering budget and settlement work, and cooperate in tracking project lists and other work.

2 Marketing Assistants:
Job requirements:
1. CET-4, good English reading and writing skills
2. Patient and meticulous in work, with good communication skills
3. Outgoing personality, upright facial features, and a strong interest in market development work
Job responsibilities:
1. Assist in preparing pre qualification materials and bid response materials
2. Daily Meeting Management
3. Project system maintenance, filing and entry
4. Actively cooperate with the team to complete temporary tasks assigned by superiors
(English major and marketing major are preferred)

2 Assistants in the Human Resources Department:
1. Assist in resume search and daily work
Daily HR data organization
3. Responsible for organizing, archiving, scanning, and registering daily company archives
4. Conduct daily interviewer reception work
5. Receive, register, and guide visiting guests, and promptly notify the interviewees.
6. Other tasks assigned by leaders;
Job requirements:
1. Have clear career plans and career development goals, and have a strong passion for engaging in human resources work;
2. Excellent communication skills, logical analysis skills, and problem-solving skills;
3. Serious and responsible, outgoing personality, meticulous and patient, with strong enterprising spirit
Able to intern continuously for 2 months or more, with 5 days of attendance per week

2 financial assistants:
1. Accounting or finance related majors with excellent grades and scholarships are preferred
2. Proficient in using office software, assisting in accounting processing, able to withstand pressure, and able to communicate with banks, taxation, and other external parties.
3. Cash and bank receipts and payments, and input of relevant vouchers;
4. Other requirements: integrity, seriousness and meticulousness, high awareness of security and privacy, positive attitude, and strong service awareness

2 legal assistants:
1. Assist in the review and modification of various contracts, registration of contract ledgers, and organization and archiving of legal materials;
2. Assist legal personnel in coordinating litigation related to the company, supervise legal affairs of various departments, and provide daily legal consultation for each department;
3. Priority given to those with excellent academic performance and scholarships
Job requirements:
Comprehensive qualities such as integrity, efficient execution, standardization and rigor
Clear expression and logical thinking

2 IT assistants:
1. Assist in drawing weak current CAD drawings;
2. Cooperate with daily nuclear quantity;
3. Cooperate with the design of the as-built drawings.
Job requirements:
1. Proficient in using CAD;
2. Attitude is correct, serious and down-to-earth.

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